Mythos Busters 065: Rusty Manhole

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Today, Sean, Ian, Scott, Nick, and Justin sit down to discuss their GenCon happenings from 2019.


  • Special thanks to our board: Chris B., Chris H., Chris U., Syklos, Alexander, Ian, Kyle, Phillip, Dave, Abilio, Nathan, Chad, Robert!

  • Special shout-out to random patron is… Daniel K.!

  • New Aurbits contest starting next episode.

  • Consternation on the Constellation! Our custom scenario built for GenCon swag will be made available to the general public (but not before it is made available to our patrons).

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GenCon 52 2019!

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  • Arkham Horror: Dead of Night expansion for Arkham Horror 3rd Edition.

  • Arkham Horror: Final Hour.

  • The Lord of Rings: The Mines of Moria

  • Draftosaurus: Dinosaur meeple drafting game

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