Investigator Playlists

As a fun side project, Ian has compiled modern Spotify playlists inspired by each of the investigators in Arkham Horror: The Card Game. Each playlist consists of ten songs. These aren’t necessarily meant to serve as background music while playing but more like a musical interpretation of what each character is about and what drives and haunts them. Enjoy!

Skids O’Toole

A mix of Irish heritage, regret for past choices, and the search for redemption. Moody rock and heartbreak abound.

Zoey Samaras

A mix of roaring guitar soundtrack, a sense of mission, and an unsettled mindscape. Metal and alternative abound.

“Ashcan” Pete

A mix of wanderlust tunes and musings on freedom and meaning. Southern rock and folk abound.

Marie Lambeau

A mix of vocal magic and the heartbreak of an approaching doom. Female soul and jazz vocalists abound.

Jenny Barnes

A mix of norm-smashing attitude and the perils of wealth. Tarantino-esque tracks and punk/rockabilly abound.

Wendy Adams

A mix of musings about loneliness and a young mind facing a harsh universe. Alternative tunes from the 80’s/90’s (and a musical treat) abound.

Roland Banks

A mix of the heaviness of the badge and the secrets that must be carried. Rock classics from the 60’s and 80’s abound.

Jim Culver

A mix of haunting horns and calls to the dead. Jazz classics and ska numbers abound.

Rex Murphy

A mix of odes to bad luck and the pain of unrequited love. Blues and rock tracks abound.

Daisy Walker

A mix of nods to the library life and exhortations to fight the unthinkable. Indie tracks abound.

Agnes Baker

A mix of flirtations with magic and the darker side of the unknown. Goth and postpunk tracks abound.

The Bishop Family

Do not attempt to adjust your dial. This is the sound of the new era dawning. Yog-Sothoth is the gate. Yog-Sothoth is the key.

William Yorick

A mix of cemetery anthems and nods to the Bard. Psychobilly and rock tracks abound.

Mark Harrigan

A mix of war laments and odes to Sophie. Metal and rock tracks abound.

Sefina Rousseau

A mix of trippy tracks and blending of the cultural palette. Eclectic and sample-heavy tracks abound.

Lola Hayes

A mix of sanity checks and classic tunes from the silver screen. Soundtrack songs abound.

Minh Thi Phan

A mix of odes to friendship and moody electronic trips. Remixes of old favorites and Korean/Vietnamese popular/indie tracks abound.

Akachi Onyele

A mix of spiritual focus and grooving dread. Reggae tracks abound.

Leo Anderson

A mix of the guilt of lost friends and musings on a long life. Classic rock and rootsy tracks abound.

Father Mateo

A mix of hard questions asked and musings on faith. Introspective rock and tracks with Mexican roots abound.

Finn Edwards

A mix of drunken lullabies and odes to living on the run. Irish punk and rock tracks abound.

Ursula Downs

A mix of overturned expectations and odes to the adventure life.  Women in rock and jungle-themed tracks abound.

Calvin Wright

A mix of all-consuming love and odes to finding strength from pain.  Love songs and hip hop tracks abound.

Preston Fairmont

A mix of ruminations on family debts and odes to the almighty dollar.  An eclectic mix of tracks abounds.

Carolyn Fern

A mix of meditations on anguish and odes to providing help in the darkness.  Low-tempo indie, pop, and rock tracks abound.

Diana Stanley

A mix of thoughts of darkness and odes to breaking from the past.  Alternative and female vocalist tracks abound.

Rita Young

A mix of running anthems and odes to fighting back.  Energetic and protest tracks abound.

Joe Diamond

A mix of gumshoe inspiration and odes to finding the truth.  Eighties hits and insightful tracks abound.

Luke Robinson

A mix of psychedelic influences and odes to dreaming.  Eighties/nineties alternative and dreamlike tracks abound.

Tommy Muldoon

A mix of sing-along inspiration and odes to being there.  Boston-based bands and rock tracks abound.

Tony Morgan

A mix of not-so-veiled threats and odes to hunting down prey.  Driving beats and moody tracks abound.

Patrice Hathaway

A mix of virtuoso skill and odes to dreaming/waking.  Modern covers and violin tracks abound.

Mandy thompson

A mix of songs to research by and odes to contemplation.  Relaxing sounds and chillhop tracks abound (with a touch of letting loose at the end).


A mix of songs to fly by and odes to daredevil escapades.  Bombastic sounds and high-energy tracks abound (with a touch of letting loose at the end).


A mix of ring entrance songs and odes to a pugilist life.  Hype music and hip-hop tracks abound.


A mix of songs to deliver mail by and odes to one’s authentic self.  Eclectic indie music and retro tracks abound.


A mix of songs to predict the future by and odes to dark premonitions.  Contemplative music and airy alternative tracks abound.


A mix of songs about esoteric knowledge and odes to dark lore.  Occult rock and classic metal tracks abound.

TRISH scarborough

A mix of songs to spy by and odes to life in the shadows.  Spy themes and espionage tracks abound.


A mix of odes to hope and challenges to faith.  Choral covers and vocal tracks abound.


A mix of songs to study by and college angst.  Indie tunes and emotional tracks abound.


A mix of songs to sail by and odes to the nautical life.  Modern shanties and pirate punk/metal tracks abound.

Dexter drake

A mix of songs to perform tricks by and glimpses of real magic.  Old school jams and flashy tracks abound.


A mix of songs to sell by and ruminations about consumerism.  Old school rock jams and classic tracks abound.


A mix of songs to watch the stars by and anxiety about gaps in the sky.  Moody jams and alternative tracks abound.

lily chen

A mix of songs to fight by and odes to a chosen destiny.  Alternative artists from China and workout tracks abound.


A mix of songs to drive or fix a vehicle by and odes to impossible forces.  Lowrider oldies and songs en español abound.


A mix of songs to hunt for ancient artifacts by and odes to the road.  Classic rock and cheesy tracks abound.


A mix of songs to campaign by and ruminations on power.  Hip hop and motivational tracks abound.


A mix of songs to reclaim artifacts by and odes to taking back the power.  Reggae/ska and eclectic tracks abound.


A mix of songs to handle mysterious phone calls by and odes to the refugee experience.  Punk and tracks from Muslim artists abound.