Mythos Busters 064: Sad Solo Putty Noises

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Today, Ian & Nick sit down and discuss GenCon 2019!


  • Special thanks to our board: Chris B., Chris H., Chris U., Syklos, Alexander, Ian, Kyle, Phillip, Dave, Abilio, Nathan, Chad, Robert!

  • Special shout-out to random patron is… Jaret!

  • Job Titles Announced:

    • Ben Hawks – Whippoorwill Wrangler

  • Musical episode is out! Become a patron if you want access to everything.

Aurbits Contest #4 Wraps Up

  • Congratulations to Tom Blackburne for winning the deck building contest!

  • Look for our last contest to be revealed after GenCon!

GenCon 52 2019!

  • Mythos Busters GenCon Listener Event – Officially scheduled in for Saturday at 1:00pm.

    • Amazing swag from Mythos Busters for GenCon!

    • After Dark is at the Slippery Noodle Saturday evening. Come join for carousing and merriment!

    • Didn’t get a ticket? Show up anyway! May not have swag, but we’ll have games.

  • GenCon After Dark is Saturday starting at 8pm at the Slippery Noodle.

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Deck Build Entries

Listed below are all of the decks that were submitted to us before we recorded this episode, at 2100 CST on Saturday, 07.27.2019. Apologies to the folks who submitted decks after the recording, but your decks were not considered for the contest.

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