Dissonant Voices Now On Arkham Cards!

Our Dissonant Voices project – where we narrate the story text of campaign scenarios – is now available in Arkham Cards. As with the regular version of Dissonant Voices, you must be a Mythos Busters Patron (at any level) to access the content in the app.

The app is available on iOS and Android.

Huge shout outs go to zzorba and North101 for making this project happen! Additional kudos to North101 for the great idea. Please support Arkham Cards on its Patreon!

How to Enable Dissonant Voices In Arkham Cards

[NOTE: These screenshots are from the Android version of Arkham Cards, but you will follow the same steps on iOS unless otherwise noted in the instructions that follow.]

  1. Open Arkham Cards, then navigate to the Settings section.
  1. Scroll down to the Preferences section, go to the section called “Dissonant Voices Audio narration” and click on “Log in.”
  1. Click “Sign In.”
  2. [iOS ONLY] – Click “Continue” when the following prompt appears: “Arkham Cards” Wants to Use “north101.co.uk” to Sign In”
  3. Enter your Patreon login info, and then click “Allow.”
  1. If you’ve successfully completed login, then the Dissonant Voices section should say “Narration enabled.”
  1. Use the app as normal during campaign setup and play. Once you’re ready for the story text, use the audio controls at the bottom of the screen to hear the narration.

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