Mythos Busters Patron Tattoo Voting

That’s right, it’s really happening: Sean and Ian are getting tattoos, and our Patrons (at any level) get to vote on which option they have to get added to their bodies…FOREVER! Think of it as permanently adding a token to the chaos bag, but where the chaos bag is their bodies and the token is ink that’s applied in a painful, yet professional, manner.

Sean’s Tattoo

Tattoo Choices

Note that the images shown below are not the exact tattoos, they are just inspiration items that will be given to the tattoo artist to help draft a custom tattoo for Sean. [NOTE: We do not take any credit for the art shown, as it is the property/copyright of the original artists who drew it. Kudos to them for such great art, and we’re just using it here to illustrate potential tattoo options.]

Option 1: Forearm

Forearm piece with the portal/path on the inside of the forearm, tentacles stretching around to the back. Inspired by both card backs; out of a portal to the cosmos, a path erupts. In this path, the outline of planets or other celestial bodies, aligned, as if the alignment is what opened the portal. Erupting from the path are tentacles of Eldritch chaos.

Option 2: Shoulder

Cthulhu shoulder piece. A large cthulhu face leers out from the uper part of the shoulder. Cascading from the face are myriad tentacles, stretching down the shoulder to above the elbow. Some tentacles are grasping small charms, like an elder sign and auto fail chaos tokens

Vote Now!

If you’re a Patron and you’re ready to vote, login to your Patron account and go to the Mythos Busters Patreon page to get the link to the voting form. One vote per Patron. Votes must be cast by September 2nd, 2020.

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