Achievement Hunters 002: Finn Returns to the Gathering

Join Mythos Buster Nick as he continues his Achievement Hunter series! In this series, Nick challenges his abilities as a deck-builder and a player as he attempts to achieve all of the achievements in the Return To boxes in as few campaigns as possible.

Episode Two sees Nick begin his Finn campaign with Return to the Gathering on easy to ensure he gets the most achievements possible.

Also, how many misplays can you hear Nick make as he fumbles his way through his own house?

Deck Builds:

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Special thanks to Andre Fairweather and Heidi Blair.

4 thoughts on “Achievement Hunters 002: Finn Returns to the Gathering

  1. You can advance Act 2a only at the end of the round. (This prevents you from getting an immediate attack from the Ghoul Priest.)


  2. New Achievement for Return to Nicks Misplay Count

    At 20:08 investigating the 3 shroud attic using an intellect of 3 instead of 4? Drew a -1 and failed. Next turn had jumped his intellect up to the correct number of 4. Have I missed something that had given him a -1 intellect somewhere?


    1. You’re not missing anything, it was a slip up. Thanks for pointing that out, and I hope you’re enjoying the series so far! – Nick


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