Patreon Update and Mythos Busters Store Info

We’ve got a lot of exciting changes that are coming in the next few days when we launch the Mythos Busters store (UPDATE: store is now live at Below, we outline some of the main changes that are coming up so that you can stay informed about all things Mythos Busters-related! If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us on Discord, social media, or at

Patreon Goals

We’ve rearranged our Patreon goals a bit and added even more into the mix. Going forward, our planned goals are as follows:

  • $500 – Patron-exclusive store items unlocked, and will be available on the Mythos Busters store!
  • $550 – One of the Mythos Busters hosts will get an Arkham/Cthulhu-themed tattoo!
  • $600 – We will design a new standalone scenario!
  • $666 – We will host our very own Mythos Busters mini-convention (time and location TBD)!

Board Member Perk Changes

Dear Board Members, we’ve made some updates to the perks you receive (all positive changes!). Please check your email for more details.

New Patron Level!

Since Gen Con and the reveal of our Constellation scenario swag, we’ve had a lot of questions about the availability of more Board of Director seats. Those asking have wondered 1) how they can secure swag from our events, and 2) how they can support the podcast at a higher level.

Despite this interest, there will remain a fixed number of board seats at this time. Much as there are only 13 visions, there are only 13 board seats.

BUT, what we’ve decided to do instead of opening up more board seats is open up a new patron level. This level will come in at $15 per creation, and will be available beginning on October 25th. This tier will have the following benefits/features (these are the same as what will be listed in Patreon):

Chief Officers of Waiting – $15 per creation

  • Same as HR Executive tier, plus:
  • Any swag we make will be shipped directly to you (you pay shipping), regardless of whether you can attend a special event or not.
  • Access to all levels of Patron-exclusive merch.
  • 10% off at the Mythos Busters store (must use coupon provided to get discount).
  • First priority if a Board of Directors seat opens up; we will hold of a drawing of all interested Chief Officers of Waiting Patrons should a Board seat become available.

NOTE: You must be a Patron at this tier for 3 or more months before the relevant event in order to receive event swag. You must also be a Patron at this level for a minimum of 3 months to gain access to exclusive store items and the Patron coupon, and to be eligible for the Board of Directors drawing (if it becomes available).

CAVEAT: We’re dropping the 3-month requirement for this initial store rollout (offer good until November 15, 2019), and you can obtain a coupon after the first time that your Patron account donates for an episode (though we hope you stick around for at least 3 months or more after that!). After that, the usual rules outlined above will go back into effect. The 3-month period for swag and Board seat drawing (if available) are in effect immediately, though.

Patron-Exclusive Merch

Once we hit $500 per creation, we’ll be rolling out special Patron-exclusive items in the store. There will be two different levels of items available, and you can access them as follows:

  • Level One – Available to those at the Middle Manager tier and above.
  • Level Two – Available to those at the Chief Officers of Waiting tier and above.

The exclusivity for these items will be time-based and everything (other than any Board Member-exclusive items) will eventually become available to everyone. It will just be a matter of how long items remain exclusive – some might remain that way for years (yes, years), others might be available after 6 months or so.

NOTE: You must be a Patron at the listed levels for at least 3 months to gain access to the corresponding level of Patron-exclusive items.

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