Mythos Busters 060: The Last Cut is The Deepest

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Today, Ian and Scott sit down and build a deck for everyone’s favorite rogue, Skids, using cards updated through the currently released content (up to the Greater Good).


  • Special thanks to our board: Chris B., Chris H., Chris U., Syklos, Alexander, Ian, Kyle, Phillip, and Dave!

  • Special shout-out to random patron is… Rick Westbrock!

  • Opening up four more spots on our Board of Directors!

Aurbits Contest #1

  • Make a set of replacement signature cards for one of the existing investigators.

  • We recommend you use photoshop or Strange Eons.

  • Email the card images to

  • We’ll announce the winners on Episode 61!

GenCon 52 2019!

  • Mythos Busters GenCon Listener Event – Officially scheduled in for Saturday at 1:00pm.

    • Look for new amazing swag from Mythos Busters for GenCon!

    • After Dark is at the Slippery Noodle Saturday evening. Come join for carousing and merriment!

    • Didn’t get a ticket? Show up anyway! May not have swag, but we’ll have games.

Shout Outs

Special thanks to Andre Fairweather and Heidi Blair.

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