Mythos Busters 056: Big Tentacles Exploding

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You asked for timestamps, and they’re still not here! Sean, Ian, Scott, & Nick sit down and play a new game: Arkham Word Economy!

Pre-Show Notes

  • Check out our newest spoiler reveal video at Look What I Found on YouTube!
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  • Special thanks to our board! Chris, Syklos, Alexander, Ian, and Dave!
    • We also have four new spots open on our board of directors!
  • Special shout-out to random patron is… Kim Kristensen!
  • Thanks to Joe Barlow, “Director of Twin Suns Lightning and Media Productions”
  • Mythos Busters GenCon Listener Event – Officially scheduled in for Saturday at 1:00pm.
  • Arkham Nights 2019 – Ironman The Forgotten Age and How Low Can You Go special event.

Community Highlights

Featured Articles

  • None!

Rules Clarifications

  • Multi-class cards don’t work how you think (or how they claimed to originally). Reference the picture of this post for the official wording.

Tentacle Time

Special thanks to Andre Fairweather and Heidi Blair.

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