Mythos Busters 053: Biana’s Day

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Sean, Ian & Nick sit down to discuss three mini-topics as they start to answer Patron questions. In this episode:

  • Solo vs. Team Play – Thanks for the question, Tim!
  • Core Set Cards that are TOO good not to include – Good topic choice, Morten!
  • Which investigators could benefit from new signature cards?

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Pre-Show Notes

  • Thanks to our board members: Chris, Syklos, Alexander, Ian, and Dave.
  • Special shout-out to Spencer Drake!
  • Dave Stokes found his position in Mythos Busters Co. as Director of Limes and Red Coats
  • And Syklos is our new Director of Fortunes and Tarot Slot Audits!
  • GenCon badges are still on sale!
    • Look for the Mythos Busters at GenCon, including their listener event, and GenCon After Dark!

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