Adding Some Colorful Punch to the Dunwich Legacy Investigators

Guest Article written by Martin Jensen

The investigators in the Dunwich Legacy box all have one thing in common: they can include up to five level 0 cards of any other class in their deck. This presents players with the opportunity to build a great variety of decks, and it is a great mechanic for those of us who like to tinker and try out different combinations of cards.

However, after playing for a while, most players will start to notice the same cards popping up in different decks. This is not necessarily due to lack of creativity, it is simply because some cards are better than others, and more specifically, more broadly applicable than others. In this article I will present which cards for each class I find to be most useful for other classes, and consequently are often used to fill out those precious five out-of-class slots.

Be aware that for some investigators there will be other out-of-class cards that are more appropriate, because they will synergize better with that investigator and help pull the deck in a certain direction. The cards here are meant to be useful for (almost) any kind of build. Also, I will not touch on the neutral cards, instead focusing on the splash of variety provided only by class cards.


Dodge is one of those few cards that is really good in any deck. Whether your investigator is a fighter, a clue gatherer, a supporter or something completely different, it is always useful to be able to dodge the tentacles of that elite enemy that always seems to pop up from some dark corner.

Machete is currently the best general purpose weapon in the game (for fighting elites I prefer a shotgun). If you’re building an investigator that will be taking on enemies in physical combat, you will want this in your deck.

Vicious Blow
This card will both increase your chances of success when attacking and help you deal with those pesky 3 hit point (or gasp!, 5 hit point) enemies in fewer actions. You will probably want this in a fighty deck, but make sure to bring the machete first.


Like Vicious Blow above, this card increases your chances of success and improves your action economy when doing one of the two primary actions in the game (the other is kicking monsters in the face). That’s a good thing, so if you’re planning on investigating a lot, bring this card.

Dr. Milan Cristopher
Right out of the core box, the competition for the ally slot has been the fiercest of all the limited asset slots. Dr. Milan is one of the few allies whom I consider including in out-of-class slots, because he is simply the best value for money when it comes to improving your investigation game (in fact, he will give you money for investigating!). Keep in mind, however, that for decks with a low cost curve, he might actually slow you down, in which case a Magnifying Glass might be the better choice).


Elusive is really two cards in one. It will let you disengage from all enemies engaged with you, and then teleport to another location. I would pay the two resources for any one of those effects (although the first only really makes sense with the second…). In a game where location and movement are such important aspects, this is a powerful card. I always have this in one of my decks when playing, and so should you.

Leo De Luca
Who doesn’t want a friend like Leo? Arguably, actions are the most important resource in this game, and Leo will provide you with 33% more of them, which you can use for anything. In Arkham LCG, Leo is the definition of ‘broadly applicable’. There is just one caveat: if you’re dependent on cards with limited uses (like firearms or spells with charges), Leo may not be as useful and you might want to look for other friends that synergize better with your investigator. Also, he does take up the ally slot.


Delve Too Deep
Once you’ve tried this card, you will never go back. Especially early on in the campaign, when the scenarios tend to be a little less daunting, this is a card that can really help the growth of your investigator. And the more cards we get in the card pool, the better this card will be.

I know the community is somewhat divided on this card (due to the action cost), but I like it. It takes one of the core mechanics of the game (the randomness of the encounter deck) and gives control of it to you. Now you will always be (at least somewhat) prepared, and that will help you make up for not having all of your cards in your hand all the time. Also, if you’re not building a mystic deck your arcane slots will probably be free, and unlike many of the other strong Mystic cards, this card does not depend on a high willpower stat.

Ward Of Protection
Like Scrying, this card will help you deal with that annoying encounter deck, and it is one of those cards where I always feel a lot less anxious when I have it in my hand. Being able to shrug off Ancient Evils for 1 resource and a card is pure bliss.


“Look What I Found!”
“Look What I Found!” is an investigation card that I recommend even for decks that are not planning on doing a whole lot of investigation. Because you use it after failing a skill test it’s also useful for investigators with a less-than-impressive intellect stat. And most investigators will come across locations with a couple of clues or more during the course of a game, especially in multi-player formats.

Lucky is like Unexpected Courage, except you only play it when you actually need it (ie. you failed a test), which means you can usually use it to ensure the success of multiple tests. I think that is explanation enough. Just make sure to always have those 2 resources with you.

Rabbit’s Foot
More cards in your hand means more options, and in any kind of game, that is always good. And you will fail skill tests during the course of a scenario. If you have nothing else to put in your accessory slot, Rabbit’s Foot is your best bet.

So those are the cards I recommend you take a look at first, when looking for something to add some out-of-class color to your Dunwich Legacy investigator. Please let me know in the comments if you agree or disagree, and if I’ve completely missed something. And happy investigating!

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