Mythos Busters 008: Emergency Quiche

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Hosts Sean, Ian, Tom, and Nick run down the latest news and finally dig into the stories of H.P. Lovecraft and the Arkham Files world.

Special thanks to Andre Fairweather.

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Links from this show…

Guest Articles: Introduction to Engagement & The Cost of Altruism in Arkham

Featured Articles: A Strange Solution, Carnevale of HorrorsBlood on the Altar & Where to Begin

Marie Lambeau spoiler

2 thoughts on “Mythos Busters 008: Emergency Quiche

  1. Would be nice if you could add time stamps for each section. (Intro, articles, rules, etc.) This would help skip sections that are less interesting.

    Either way great job guys.


  2. A campaign focused on Yig, the snake people and in the Amazonas. That would be abolutely terrifying for my phobia of snakes 😀


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