Mythos Busters 006: Spectacles, Tentacles, Wallet & Watch

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Hosts Sean, Ian, Tom, Nick and special guest host Scott go over deck-building strategies, thoughts on the Core Set and release of Arkham Horror, and give away some free swag bags through an on-air Lovecraft trivia game show!

Special thanks to Andre Fairweather.

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Guest Articles: Losing for Fun & Once More Into the Night

Featured Articles: The Investigators of Arkham Horror & The Essex County Express

Arkham Horror Playmats

One thought on “Mythos Busters 006: Spectacles, Tentacles, Wallet & Watch

  1. Stand Together is actually the second card useless in true solo and the first one was also a guardian card. In the release article for the deluxe box they revealed the card, Teamwork, that card is even more useless in true solo.


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