Mythos Busters 005: Heavy Petting

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Hosts Sean, Ian, Tom and Nick discuss initial thoughts on the game, experiences from Arkham Nights, new guest articles, plans for reviewing cards in the future and FREE STUFF!

Special thanks to Andre Fairweather.

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Links from this show…

Guest Articles: The Occult Chronicle Part One & Decision Making in Arkham Horror

Featured Articles: On the Foul Rumors Afoot & Watch Your Step

Card Game DB Card Spoilers

4 thoughts on “Mythos Busters 005: Heavy Petting

    1. We’ll figure out a way to include you. How about just emailing us ( with your info (name – whatever you want to use, and general location) and we can include you in the drawing?


    1. I have not after two tries (Wendy and Skids). Definitely looking forward to trying it with 2 core sets soon! I’m not sure about the other guys, but we’ll be sure to talk about it on the next episode! -Ian


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