Mythos Busters 004: Object of your Infection

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Hosts Sean, Ian, Tom, and Nick discuss Arkham Nights preparation, classes, the first Mythos Pack, and the latest card spoilers in episode 4!

Special thanks to Andre Fairweather.

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Links from this show…

Guest Articles: Cthulhu in Gaming & Lord of the Rings to Arkham Horror

Featured Articles: Curse of the Rougarou & Talents and Talismans & The Miskatonic Museum

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One thought on “Mythos Busters 004: Object of your Infection

  1. So do you guys have any information about the korean shipping company and whether the ones of us that have a hard time going to Minnesota, will get ours this month or whether it is delayed. 🙂 Think i heard you talk about it back in one of the other podcasts, thats why im asking.


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