Mythos Busters 003: Go Tell It to Dewey

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Hosts Sean, Ian, and Nick discuss the latest articles, developments in the community, and the newest spoiled cards in Episode 3!

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Special thanks to André Fairweather for the intro voice!

3 thoughts on “Mythos Busters 003: Go Tell It to Dewey

  1. Doe we have concrete evidence about the secondary classes for Skids, Agnes, and Daisy? Or are those guesses? Just wondering because I wouldn’t think of Skids as a guardian, considering that it seems to be either monster hunters on a religous bent (via Zoe) or government/soldier types (via Roland) I would soon see someone like Trish (the Spy) or Joe (the PI) being a morelikely blend of Rogue and Guardian before an ex-con.


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