Mythos Busters 002: The Mississippi Manatee

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Hosts Sean, Ian, Tom and Nick discuss how the game works, the newest spoiler cards and the round sequence in episode 2!

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Special thanks to André Fairweather for the intro voice!

3 thoughts on “Mythos Busters 002: The Mississippi Manatee

  1. Thanks! Glad you enjoy it! We are aiming for the every 2 weeks schedule right now, so should be recording again next weekend! -Ian


  2. Great podcast so far. I am really enjoying it and plan to follow consistently. I have a couple of potential suggestions:

    Any chance you could add images of the cards you review on the post on the website? It would be really helpful to have a visual reference. I really there may be potential legal issues, but if it is possible that would be a big help.

    I am new to LCGs and I am looking forward to Arkham Horror. The one thing I am very concerned about is deck building as I have zero experience. Can you guys add a segment on that once the game releases? Sort of a “getting started with deckbuilding”

    Also on a fun note, it seems anytime you release an episode a big FFG announcement tends to happen in regards to the game.


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