Join Us On…The March To Madness!

UPDATE: The 2020 March to Madness Tournament is complete. Congratulations to Ursula Downs for he close victory against Ashcan Pete in the finals. Check out the full recap article and visit the prediction bracket leaderboard to learn more about how things went. See you next year for March to Madness 2021!

Whether you missed the cultural phenomenon that is March Madness, or you don’t care about college basketball in the U.S. at all and you just like Arkham-related competitions, we’ve got a new tournament just for you.

The Mythos Busters are pleased to announce…The March To Madness!

In this tournament, we’ve put the 34 released investigators into 1-on-1 matchups against each other. Winners will progress through a single elimination tournament until there’s only one left standing – only one survivor of The March To Madness! Along the way, YOU will be making predictions and voting to determine who advances. The three most accurate bracket predictions will win some Mythos Busters swag!

Make Your Predictions

  • Between April 4th and April 21st (until 11:30 p.m. (United States Central Time), make your predictions about who will win each round.
  • Once submitted, brackets are locked and cannot be changed.
  • Please share your bracket on social media to help us spread the word about this tournament!

Vote On Each Round

Between April 22nd and May 12th, come back to vote on each round and help us determine the winner! Only one vote per person is allowed. The round schedule is below. [NOTE: us the link in THIS section for voting, as it’s different than the one in the section for making predictions.]

  • Play-in Games: April 22 – April 23
  • Round One: April 24 – April 26
  • Round Two: April 30 – May 1
  • Elite Eight: May 2 – May 3
  • Final Four: May 7 – May 8
  • Championship: May 9 – May 12 (polls close at 8 p.m.)

Voting Criteria

You might be asking, “What should I be basing my vote on in each round?” Good question!

Do you vote for the best investigator for a particular situation? Your favorite investigator? The investigator you secretly like but can’t admit to others your true feelings?

Answer: Yes! All of the above and more! There’s no real rhyme or reason for picking a winner, so use whatever criteria you want. The most important thing to do is to have fun with your predictions and your vote.

Win A Prize!

The three entrants with bracket predictions that most closely match the final results will win a Mythos Busters-themed piece of swag (and bragging rights)!

1st Place: Mythos Busters Mug + Choice of T-shirt or Hat

2nd Place: Mythos Busters Mug + Poster

3rd Place: Mythos Busters Mug + Sticker

Additional Rules And Info

By entering the contest or voting on match ups (and providing your email address in either situation), you agree that we may send you reminder emails related to this contest (when the next vote is live, winner announcement, etc.).

Winners will be announced the week of May 11, 2020.

Only one entry (prediction) per person.

We reserve the right to break all ties in our sole discretion. This includes, but is not limited to, asking tied participants for additional info (guess the final “score” of the championship game, etc.) or making decisions on ties as we see fit.

We are not affiliated in any way with the NCAA or March Madness, and we in no way intend to infringe on their intellectual property.