Horrors Without Borders: An Arkham Horror Charity Event

Do you know what the Arkham community likes almost as much as playing Arkham? Raising money for charity, giving away sweet prizes, and having fun at the same time! With that in mind, we present Horrors Without Borders, an Arkham Horror Charity event.

On February 27th, a large group of Arkham content creators will be coming together for a full-day stream of Arkham-related content on the Great Old Ones Twitch channel. During that stream, they’ll be raising money for Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF). 

Viewers who want to help raise funds by using the donation feature in Twitch. The more that’s donated, the more items that will be given away once the stream is over! Best of all, you’ll be automatically entered into the prize drawing just for donating. 

Shout out to Network57, and many others for coming up with this idea and bringing the community together for a great cause! Additional shout out to Great Old Ones Gaming for hosting this on their Twitch channel!

Participants and Schedule

The event kicks off at 6:00 AM EST on February 27th, and will run until 11:00 PM (or whenever the final stream wraps up).

Watch this page for more information about when various content creators will be taking over the stream!

NOTE: All times shown below are in EST.

6 AM – 8 AMInvestigator Games Episode Live!CrabbyTerror8
8 AM – 9 AMSolo Ultimatum of ChaosDumb Luck
9 AM – 11 AM#TeamBless tackles ExcelsiorDrawn to the Flame
11 AM – 1 PMLose the Dog, Save the Worldfylion
1 PM – 3 PMGOOG Live Show (with special guest!)Great Old Ones Gaming
3 PM – 6 PMWar of the Outer Gods (Take Two)Mythos Busters
6 PM – 9 PM4-player ArkhamWinging It
9 PM – 11 PM2-player ArkhamWhispers In Your Head

Donations and Prize Goals

The Arkham community has donated a ton of great stuff to give away to those who help us make the event a success. We’ll be unlocking different tiers of stuff to give away based on how much money we raise for Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF). Once a tier is unlocked, then the prizes in that tier will be added to the overall prize pool for the drawing after the event.

Tier 1: $1 to $200

  • 4 GOOG t-shirts (sizes M and L) + Arkham tote bags
  • Lizard Den play mats + Alt Art cards
  • Core Set player cards + Alt Art Lucky! (set)
  • Mythos Busters Aurbits tokens + Clay Chaos Tokens

Tier 2: $201 to $400

  • Gloria novella (first copy)
  • Dream-eaters deluxe
  • The Eternal Slumber
  • Union and Disillusion + horizontal dividers
  • Horror in High Gear + Elder Sign patch

Tier 3: $401 to $600

  • Nathaniel Cho starter deck (first copy)
  • Stella Clark starter deck (first copy)
  • Harvey Walters starter deck
  • Jacqueline Fine starter deck
  • Winifred Habbamock starter deck

Tier 4: $601 to $800

  • War of the Outer Gods
  • Curse of the Rougarou
  • The Blob That Ate Everything (first copy)
  • Nathaniel Cho starter deck (second copy)
  • Stella Clark starter deck (second copy)

Tier 5: $801 to $1,000

  • Full Innsmouth cycle released to date
    • Deluxe
    • In Too Deep
    • Devil Reef
    • Horror in High Gear
    • Light in the Fog
  • Barkham Horror
  • Gloria novella (second copy)

Tier 6: $1,001 to $1,300

  • 3 sets (each one a separate prize) of the core set player cards – perfect for those with only one core set!
  • 1 investigator mini cards box from the Drawn to the Flame podcast

How to Donate

Donations will be handled by a Twitch extension called Tiltify. To make a donation during the event, go to the stream and click on the button on screen and it brings you to the donation site and follow the instructions.

Matching Donations

In addition to the funds that are raised by viewers, the Mythos Busters will be making a matching donation for every dollar donated on stream (up to $300 max). While this amount won’t count towards unlocking stretch goals, it will help those who donate in the first $300 of the event make their donation go even further.

If you or an organization with which you’re affiliated are interested in becoming a matching sponsor of the event, please contact us at farkhamcon@gmail.com

Giveaway Entries, Terms, and Disclaimer

Want to help us support a good cause and win some swag at the same time? You’re in luck! One of the easiest ways to enter our giveaway is simply to donate via the Twitch donation feature. Everyone who donates any amount of money will be entered into our swag giveaway!

One entry per person. Donating more money does not give you additional entries or increase the likelihood of winning. All prize drawings will occur after the event has concluded, and winners will be contacted by the content creators who contributed the corresponding prizes.

No donation or purchase is necessary for entry, though it is STRONGLY encouraged, as this is a charity event. If you wish to enter the giveaway but do not want to make a donation, then please send your contact information to farkhamcon@gmail.com with the subject line “Charity Giveaway Entry.”

Disclaimer: This is a promotion run by the contributing content creators. Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, Reddit, and any other platforms that stream, host video replays, or contain information about the promotion do not sponsor or endorse this promotion and are not responsible for it.