Patron-Exclusive Merch FAQ

How can I get Patron-exclusive merch?

Patron-exclusive merch is now available at Mythos Merch for Patrons at the Middle Manager ($5) level and above. If you are in one of these Patron tiers, your email address will be tied to a coupon that allows you to get this merch at its intended price point (more below). The merch is mixed in with regular items, so you’ll need to scroll to locate it, but it’s easily identified by the Patron-Exclusive label in the item title.

Why do I need a coupon for Patron-exclusive merch?

Due to the limitations of the app we run our store through, all merch is technically available for purchase by anyone. What we’ve done to make the items we’ve designated as Patron-exclusive be more accessible for our Patrons vs. the general public is to have the prices for those items start ridiculously high, and then give our Patrons a coupon code that brings the cost down to their normal level.

For example, anyone can purchase the Constellation Coffee Mug at the listed price of $65, but why would you? Patrons can enter their discount code and reduce the cost of the mug to $13.

We recognize this isn’t the most elegant solution, but it’s the best option we have at the moment.

Wasn’t there going to be a second tier of Patron-exclusive merch?

Yes, and there still will be. While we originally intended to roll out both levels of Patron-exclusive merch at the same time, the items in the second level (for those at the Chief Officers of Waiting and above) have been delayed due to supply chain issues related to COVID-19. Once those issues have been resolved, we will roll out the next level of Patron-exclusive merch.

How can I be sure my items are the correct price and that my discount was applied?

In all of the descriptions for Patron-exclusive items, we’ve included a note about what their intended price should be once your Patron coupon has been applied. Please double check that price against the final price in your cart before placing your order.

Where can I find my code?

All codes are stored in Patreon, along with other discount coupon codes for the tiers that get discounts on normal store merch.

Can I combine coupon codes?

You can, but you don’t need to if you’re buying Patron-exclusive merch only. The coupons to drop the price of Patron-exclusive merch already have your additional discount (based on Patron tier) built into them, so you don’t need to stack your other coupon code. If, however, you’re ordering both Patron-exclusive merch AND normal merch, be sure to use both coupons to maximize your savings.

What if I still have other questions?

Reach out to us on Discord or at and we’ll help you out!

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